4th Period Scanz Research Paper

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We, the people of 4th Period Schanz, to uphold our government, protect against King Schanz, and ensure life, liberty, and happiness for all citizens, establish and defend the Constitution of the 4th Period Schanz. ARTICLE I Section A The Congress of 4th Period Schanz will, from now on, have the full ability to create laws. This will consist of the Senate and the House of Representatives, who will gather once a week. Section B The Senate will be made up of representatives of each table. There will be one senator per table. Senators are chosen by election by the members of his or her own table. Each senator will have one vote in Senate. Senators shall serve for up to two one week terms. Senate has the power to impeach the president if all…show more content…
All tables start with one representative. There will be one extra representative for each person who has a 95% or higher as their History grade. The representative him or herself does not have to be the person with the 95% or higher grade. A member of the House cannot be a Senator at the same time. Members of the House shall serve for up to two one week terms. The House of Representatives also have the power to impeach the president if all are in agreement along with the Senate. Section D Any person shall present a written bill to the House of Representatives. If the majority of the House approves the law, then they will give the bill to the Senate. The majority of the Senate must also approve the law for them to pass it to the President of the 4th Period Schanz. If the President approves the law and signs it, the bill becomes a law. If he or she refuses to approve it, it will be sent back to the House of Representatives for reconsideration. If over ⅔ of the House approves it again, it will be sent to the Senate. If over ⅔ of the Senate approves it again, it will become a law. Section…show more content…
However, if Congress finds a Supreme Court Justice to be unfit for office later in his or her term, then they shall impeach the Justice with a ⅔ majority agreement. Section G The President must write short speeches to give each Monday to the class. It should be a reflection on how 4th Period Schanz is doing and how students can improve how 4th Period Schanz is doing. Any other information is optional. Although the President could forget to write a speech, it shall be used against them in impeachment when paired with another law they have broken. Section H The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of 4th Period Schanz, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. ARTICLE III Section A The judicial power of 4th Period Schanz belongs to one Supreme Court. Inferior table courts shall be established within tables, but shall be overruled by the Supreme Court. The five Justices shall have their jobs for life, as long as they are not
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