7th Grade Footprints Project

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Why We deserve an A
I put a lot of work on the 7th Grade Footprints project. I spent four class periods ( 4 hours) completing my part of the project while my partners completed their portion. My partners worked on the math, science, and social studies, however, I completed the English language arts and reading for the power point. I decided on the power-point that I would show the upcoming 7th graders literary elements for English and grammatical constructions for reading. The two types of literary elements that I chose were irony and sarcasm, and the two grammatical construction that I chose were phrases and clauses. When I created the two slides I used pictures to represent irony, sarcasm, phrases, and the clauses so that I wouldn’t bore the upcoming seventh graders. In addition, I created an interactive slide for the upcoming 7th graders. The slide contained review questions for them to complete and have fun with. Also, on the English slides we included a video about some other …show more content…

He created two slides. One was for the regular 7th grade math and the other was for the accelerated math which contains 8th grade material. On the seventh grade slide he chose to include samples and proportional relationships. For example, if 30 students like ice cream what percent of them like chocolate if 3 out of 10 people like chocolate ice cream. However, for the 8th grade math he included systems and slopes. We deserve an A on this project, 7th Grade Footprint. All of us put a lot of hard work and time to complete this worthy task of helping the upcoming seventh graders being prepared for the next school year. We included grammatical constructions, literary elements, science and social studies as well as math to give them an example of all the knowledge they will soak up next year. We enjoyed this fun task as well as this year of learning and now we are passing it to the new seventh

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