Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Question 1: Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. Answer 1: Firstly, I would look through the planning for the lesson and then ask the Teacher what the learning objective is. I would obtain all the instruments needed for the lesson and make sure that they were free from sharp points and all in working order. Then once the lesson has finished I can return all the instruments back to their correct places. I may have been asked to give one to one support to a specific child with an additional need. This would be to ensure that they are able to join in and feel included within the lesson and I could also check the child’s IEP to see if there are …show more content…

I will periodically ensure that batteries within programmable toys and remote controlled vehicles etc are fully charged and ready to be used. I may also check that resources such as board games are complete and if any pieces are missing, either request a replacement or, where possible, create new pieces. If I locate any resources that are damaged or broken then remove them immediately. If there are any of those resources that are unable to be replaced by making it myself then I must inform the relevant person who replenishes school stocks. I would also make sure that I was fully aware of how devices are to be used so to make the children more at ease and relaxed when the time comes to using them for the first time. I may be asked to mount children’s work onto a display board so that these can be seen by the children and adults, where space is limited though I will ensure that the children’s work is rotated on a regular basis to display the effort of everyone in the class. I may also be asked to create a display on a table showing the children’s work from a selection of books. Feedback: Question 3: What aspects of safety would you

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