9/11 English Short Story

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Thunderous roar reverberates in the sky, hole after another fill the world, from within, lay another roar which makes us shudder in fear. We... as the chosen children should be able to defeat the enemy, however... "Seraphimon! Do your best!"(Takeru) "Ophanimon! I know you can do it!"(Hikari) "Vikemon! Save omnimon!! Don't let diaboromon kill him!"(Jo) "Yamato! Snap out of your dream, and let's help Sora and the other!"(taichi) This is hell... There's no way we can win this, I... "Ken! Where's Daichi?!"(Inoue) "Taichi! Daichi's missing! We need to look for them!"(Yamato) "Wait, Yamato! Omnimon need us here, wait until the wave of monster gone first! We can search him later!"(Taichi) "Kuh... Ken! Go fast, search for Daichi and Vmon!…show more content…
Don't lose yourself!" (Ken) Sigh... what should I do... I can't do nothing... right? At that time, my head suddenly hit so hard it's so hurt! Damn it! "Who is it?!" Shout me "It's not good to despair over this meager amount of monster... Cody..." said the man to me... "What do you mean meager... look there! It's a massive amount of monster! Not even senpais can defeat that many diablomon, myotismon and malo myotismon! We were obviously doomed!" Right! Even just 1 malo myotismon is enough to make Omnimon sacrifice his sword and call imperialdramon paladin mode... this amount is outrageous! 3 diablomon, 2 venom myotismon, 2 malo myotismon and dozens of an army of devimon and commandramon! Just how outrageous it is! "Then. Look at me... I'll exterminate those pests!" "Wait for... Takara-san! You can't do that! Don't do something so foolish!" I hold him, and try to not let him battle with his broken digi egg... However, what I got is a pat from him, and he continues to step forward... step by step, forward to the battle field, and smiled to the army of virus Digimon in front of them, leaving me alone and see the impossibility in front of me... . . . "Wake up you dirty little brat!!" Bang! "Ughoaaaa!!! Wh, whaz iss
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