9/11 Informational Essay

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World Trade Center Attack September 11, 2001 was not just any ordinary day for the citizens of the United States and the city of New York, but a devastating attack that has put us all in shock and fear. As all of you know, the Tuesday that this country was ambushed and attacked destructively by terrorists, was one of the saddest days America has ever seen. Not only did it affect the people that were in the World Trade Center Towers and the loved ones who unfortunately passed away, but it affected our country as a whole. Scared, devastated, astonished, and surprised are just a few words that begin to describe September 11th. As separate states and people, I can confidently say that America has never been closer together as one than on that…show more content…
On the day of the attacks, New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani proclaimed, "We will rebuild. We're going to come out of this stronger than before, politically stronger, and economically stronger. The skyline will be made whole again." The damaged section of the Pentagon was rebuilt and occupied within a year of the attacks. The temporary World Trade Center PATH station opened in late 2003 and construction of the new 7 World Trade Center was completed in 2006. One World Trade Center is currently under construction at the site and at 1,776 ft. upon completion in 2013, will become the tallest building in North America. On the World Trade Center site, three more office towers are expected to be built one block east of where the original towers stood. Construction has begun on all three of these towers; they are expected to be completed after One World Trade Center. Not only did the attack of 9/11 physically, emotionally, and physiologically hurt U.S citizens, but it also hurt America economically, culturally, and health wise. After the attack happen, the U.S stocks lost $1.4 trillion in valuation for the week. In New York City, about 430,000 job-months and $2.8 billion dollars in wages were lost in the three months after the attacks. The economic effects were mainly on the economy's export sectors. The city's GDP was estimated to have declined by $27.3 billion for the last three months of 2001 and all of 2002. The U.S. government provided

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