9/11 Surveillance Technology

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Immediate following the 9/11 attacks, rigorous security procedures were put in place at airports, government buildings, cultural center, and many other facilities. The FBI instructed state and local law enforcement to be on their highest level of alert and be prepared to response to any acts of terrorism. This caused surveillance to be used more than ever before. Although Surveillance of terrorism, is extremely labor intensive and costly. Surveillance cameras and terrorism control technology are popping up everywhere. Many big cities across the country including New York, Cincinnati, Seattle and Chicago are allocating budget dollars to install surveillance cameras and to get the most up to date surveillance technology. This surveillance technology has improved to a degree that it allows the government and law enforcement to track people without having them to physical followed someone 24 hours a day. This new technology has allowed many states to implement programs for monitoring people in order to collect intelligence, to shut down a narcotic operation, or to establish probable cause. One big change in…show more content…
They were allowed to gain access to educational, medical, library, personal and financial records for the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence. This new right by law enforcement began to up-set many citizens because numerous law enforcement agencies begin to utilize their powers to obtain warranties for non-terrorist investigations which caused a number of innocent citizens have been subjected to unfair trials and convictions in this manner. Such citizens are subjected to extreme, cruel and infrequent punishment and their right to due process of law is suggestively violated but this is a small price to pay to insure that the country and the people are safe from
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