9/16 Research Paper

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This year in 8th grade so far is going wonderful. All of my teachers are amazing and are great at helping me with my work. I can not even explain how great they are. One thing that I want to try to achieve this year at school is getting all of my homework done and turned in ON TIME. Next, I would love to try to keep my grades up to at least...A's B's or C's. Third, I am really super excited to try out to be in this years production of "High School Musical"! It will be a lot of fun if I make, I'm sure. Lastly, I want to make this school year a year to remember. 9/7/16
Over the weekend, me and my mom went on a 5 mile bike ride; Went up the Julian Dubuque trail, through Mt. Caramel, around Murphy Park and then back home. We did that …show more content…

Some of my favorite anime include: Fairy Tail, The Future Diary, Noragami, Blue Exorcist and, Amnesia. Japan has really kawaii (cute) anime chibi (shrunken down version of a character) action figure. I already have Lucy, she is adorable. Japan looks like they have some delicious food too.
Some of the activities that I did over the weekend were, I had one of my best friends Anna stay over. We did a lot of fun stuff like: Eat lots of food, watch YouTube vids and lots of dancing. I also went to my cousins wedding and reception. I had chicken (Yum) and mashed potatoes. They had the most amazing cupcakes. On Sunday, we didn't really do anything but just relax.
My perfect vacation would be to go to Paris and see all of the magnificent works of art and the Eiffel Tower! That would be amazing. What I would do there is drink some tea because I bet they have some delicious iced tea. I would go to The Louvre Museum and look at all of the works of art. The last reason on why I would like to visit Paris is because one of my favorite TV shows is set in Paris, …show more content…

Something that I am also planning to do is stay at a friends house and watch anime. Lol. Something that I plan to do too is read my

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