90's Hip Hop and Rap

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Rap and hip-hop first started to come together in the 1970 's, but didn 't really materialize and become popular until the 1990 's. With a huge surge in popularity and growth in the 1990 's, it seemed that rap and hip-hop had started a cultural phenomenon that still has noticeable effects easily seen today in music and also in pop culture. A cultural phenomenon is an idea, trend, or movement that shapes and defines that time period. During the 1990 's, rap and hip-hop spread like wild fire across the nation, from the inner cities to the suburbs to anywhere where you can find a radio. Rap and hip-hop brought a different kind of lyrical rhythms and upbeat, energetic music that most people weren’t too familiar with. This cultural…show more content…
This team was first team in the history of the NCAA to start five African American freshmen, and they created fashion styles and promoted rap and hip hop during the 90 's. "The baggy shorts, the black socks, the swagger, the way they played the game" said Berger describing some of the fashion styles that the Fab 5 created. These simple wardrobe changes made such a big impact that still-
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