9th Class Research Paper

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My tenth grade year in october I was moved from my seat because my teacher decided to move the whole class because we were talking. He moved all the students to were he thought we would all be quiet. But that only made it much worse and there were kids screaming across the room just to speak with someone I was in the back of the class because my teacher knew that I didn't like to talk much. In his mind he thought that if he put the most annoying kid next to me that would keep him quiet. He didn't always yelling and screaming never stopping, I put in my headphones and ignored him. I always put in my headphones whenever someone that annoys me sits near me, I don't care what other people say as long as they don't touch my headphones at all. I…show more content…
I walk into class and sat down my teacher already knew about my bad mood and let me walk into class with my headphones in and my attitude at maximum. I sat down and saw that he came in, he began the class day by saying, I have no emotions because ugly people don't have any that, didn't offend me at all. He sat down next to me and look at my headphones he reached for it but before he could grab them one of my friends that knew my number one rule slapped his hand and said leave him alone, he replied with what do you like him or something and she just walked back to her sit and gave him no attention. He was upset and the whole class period he just sat there not speaking. By the end of class I walked out the door and it happened I felt something he pulled the trigger, my headphones were pulled out and it was him I filled with absolute rage and anger and punched him in the face so hard that he flew back a few feet and landed on the floor with a bloody
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