My Dream Story

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The story behind me is very long. Lots of stupid things have been done that are very very stupid. I would say it all began 17 years ago in a hospital but, that’s going to be a lot of work to type a paper. I’m going to start this wonderful life, last year school year. Near the end so all the fun of my life begins. To present day where I continue to do the stuff that makes people mad but it is very fun for me. It was an early morning in the month of May near the end of the day and I was in my Civics class. We were working on our budget project and I was down in the library with a few other people. Believe it or not I got bored really really quick. When I was walking back I was walking on paper all the way back up to class because I was told do it so I did. When I got back to class my teacher gave me a very weird look and didn’t say a word. I kept asking, “What I can’t touch the ground.” She didn’t say a single word. Just a few days later within the month of May, it was a cool warm night. Where everything was perfect on how it was. No wind, a solid 78 degrees, all by a bonfire around 11 at night. We were sitting there talking and out of nowhere I just got up and decided to walk across the fire for no reason. Everyone looked at me very weirdly. All I asked was, “What?” My friend Owen just said, “You’re dumb why would you even do that?” All I could come up with was, “Why not?” He just looked away and laughed. After walking over that fire over and over the bottom of the boots

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