A Anchor Baby

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Anchor Babies What is an anchor baby? Would you like someone to call your children an anchor baby? When many illegal women come to the United States to have babies, so they can obtain citizenship for the children, and then they would return to their country, so that when their children are old enough, they may return to the U.S with no problems is called an anchor baby. As a young immigrant I would dislike it if someone called my children such a disgusting name. Personally, I have lived all the terrors, immigrants go through dangerous obstacles just to reach the American dream. The desert is not a safe way to reach the American dream, been lost for three to more days, starvation, and thirst are not a way to die. Therefore, the Supreme Court should not repeal or change the Fourteenth Amendment. “In both ways large or small immigrants have helped shape the United States for the better”. Also, immigrants have contributed to the state’s economic growth, and the American culture. The physical growth and political power that we have now would had ceased to exist. [Debate pg. 591] In addition, the United States is created by a diversity of immigrant cultures. Currently, “approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States” [Debate pg. 592]. Changing or repealing the fourteenth amendment, will leave many U.S citizens, children of immigrants stateless without an origin of birth. For example, Chinese came to the United States to work as
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