A-Aron Summer: A Short Story

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A-Aron summer A a Ron AKA Aaron was counting down the last 60 seconds of school 60 59 ------ 5 4 3 2 1 school out for summer Aaron yells. He couldn't what to get home and get to work his dad was hppey to see Aron come of that school bus . He said Aaron get changed and come to the barn no time for snacks we have work to do. So Aaron got changed and went to the barn. When his dad said work he ment getting ready four 4H. Their was lots of work to do Aaron had to pick a sheep but not just any sheep a good sheep which ment a good body nice and fat but not to fat and healthy and strong. Well Aaron was done the hard work for now next was the 4H meetings they had 6 through out the year so far. The meetings were
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