A Beautiful Mind (Summary)

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A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar

1.) A.) A Beautiful Mind is a biography based on the events that happened to a mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. He was invited to go to Princeton University on only one term, and it was to create a truly original idea based on using mathematics. Once he is enrolled in Princeton he is looked at as a social outcast. Once after originating his idea of what other mathematicians thought was unsolvable, he shocked the mathematical world by becoming an overall genius. After struggling with dellusions he was slowly losing his mind. He believed he was working for the Department of Defense doing top secret work, decoding messages from the Russians. Nash also had in his mind that the Russians were after …show more content…

Wheeler is an older man, who "works" for the Department of Defense. He is a figure of John's imagination. He gets inside John's head and makes him think he is real. He is a smart man, because he decieves John. In John' dellusions Wheeler is a top secret man who keeps a low profile, so he isn't very social and he only speaks to John in all events in the book. The only emotions that Wheeler shows are

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