A Beneficial Change That Has Been Proposed For The Welfare

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A beneficial change that has been proposed for the Welfare program is a time limit on how long people are allowed to be on welfare. When putting a time limit into place, new job programs will emerge in order to help find the individuals a place of employment (Molander). Job programs would provide training and assistance in helping the individual find employment. These “job programs” would be instated for the purpose of helping those people on welfare get off as soon as possible (Molander). In turn this would back up the time limit, because the job program would be created in a way in which encouragement to find a job would be fully incorporated (Ybarra). “Activation programs” would be the official term and they will help the unemployable…show more content…
The time limit on welfare would not affect the already employed single mothers as much as it would the unemployed mothers. It was found that in certain cases single mothers who were unemployed were without a job not out of personal desire to continue on governmental assistance, they just could not find a reliable job that provided them with their necessary needs in relation to the responsibilities they had with their children. A solution to the single mothers on welfare factor would be that certain applicants under critical circumstances can file for an extension in welfare, if they meet set requirements. Welfare Fraud Welfare is not intended to be a way for citizens to have a way out of having to look for employment, but for many that is what it has become. An estimated 21.3% of all Americans were on some sort of Welfare program each month in 2012 (Bureau). Fraud is a commonly found problem within the welfare system, and it can come in many forms. The eligibility of welfare applicants are reviewed annually, but this allows for errors to occur in the manner of which the applicant could be eligible for a half a year, but they still receive assistance for the rest of the year when they no longer need it (Ribali). The annual check for eligibility accounts for the fair amount
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