A Blaze Of Glory : The Battle Of Shiloh

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Hello, and today I am doing a report on a historical fiction book, and I chose this book, A Blaze of Glory. First, I will be overviewing the setting. The book mainly takes place in Southwest Tennessee with some events taking place in Northeastern Mississippi. However, the main action happens in Shiloh, Tennessee, where the Battle of Shiloh takes place, the main event of the book. To be more specific, the Battle of Shiloh takes place at Pittsburg Landing, which is very close to Shiloh. (The Battle of Shiloh is also known as the battle of Pittsburg Landing). The events of the book take place from February 22, 1862, to April 28, 1862, during the Civil War. (The dates are in the book at the beginning of each chapter). However, the main battle of the book, the Battle of Shiloh, takes place on April 6-April 7. That is where and when my book, A Blaze of Glory, takes place. Personally, I would recommend my book, A Blaze of Glory, to people who like reading about history or want to learn more about the Civil War. However, if you do not like reading long and sometimes tedious books, this is not the book for you. There is not much action in the book, but small part of the book where there is action is excellent. Additionally, the majority of the book is very informative, descriptive, and actually makes you feel like you are taking part. However, it takes around 200 pages for the action to start, and the book can be lengthy at some points. That is why I would recommend my book,

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