A Book Review in Literature 3 (Luha ng Buwaya) Amado Vera Hernandez

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Ka Amado was born on September 13, 1903 and died at the age of 67. He is the son of Juan Hernandez and Clara Vera. He began molding his brilliance in Gagalangin, Tondo, the Manila High School and at the American Correspondence School where he earned his baccalaureate degree in arts. Art was really his passion and maybe his fate. One proof was his matrimony to Atang de la Rama, the mistress of kundiman singing and sarswela acting. Aside from that, he was a well-renowned essayist, poet and playwright. In fact, he was awarded national artist in literature. He wrote a lot of poems, most of it tackles on human emotion while suffering from oppression. His "Isang Dipang Langit"(A Stretch of Sky) was inspired by his experience in
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He continued the friction of the two and successfully thrilled the readers.


Donya Leona - a sophisticated and ruthless woman; a greedy usurer

Don Severo - husband of Leona; a master gambler

Dislaw - right hand of Leona; romantic rival of Bandong to Pina

Bandong - a good-natured educator; a person who strongly believes on what is right;

Pina - the most beautiful lady of Sampilong; loves Bandong

Mang Tasyo - leader of the farmers union

Andres - leader of the squatters

Iska - housemate of Leona's manager; loves Kosme

Kosme - servant of Leona; loves Cely

Cely - a widow; sister of Dislaw; has an affair with Kosme

Mang Pablo - father of Pina; supports the farmer's union

Aling Sabel - mother of Pina; likes Dislaw for Pina

Gobernador and Police Chief - followers of Leona



-a town d welled by the oppressors and the oppressed, by the rich and the poor and a treasurer of ideologies buried for a very long period of time. But is manifested by the conventional opinions of the very rich, powerful and influential members of the society. It's a typical town gifted by natural resources---resources intended to all but is owned only by few. The environment could be observed according to social status, of the elite; a grand mansion, numerous assets, varieties of food and a lot of servants. Of the poor; it could be be a nipa hut or the usual house in the slums, no assets but their principles,

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