A Brave New World Comparison Essay

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In a society where free-will is absent, there is one that stands out in the crowd looking for insurgency. Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley and takes place in a futuristic society. In order to uphold their motto “Community, Identity, Stability”, all of their citizens are drug dependent, and conditioned to resist all the joy in life by embracing sin. Furthermore in the movie The Island, a story written by Caspian Tredwell-Owen, is based on a small society of the population unaware that they are clones created to be replacement body parts for their initial sponsor’s. The society is hidden beneath the surface of the earth, creating a perfect society based on tranquility. However, in both of these ‘utopian’ societies lies an outlier. …show more content…

Such as they come from different societies, and they escaped their corrupt situations disparately. A case in point is that John is not original from the World State, he was a newcomer introduced. With a limited amount of knowledge passed to him by his mother (Linda). To be specific John was born and raised in the Savage Reservation, “The Mesa was like a ship becalmed in a strait of lion-coloured dust...The channel wound between precipitous banks, and slanting from one wall to the other across the valley ran a streak of green-the river and its fields.” (Huxley, pg. 103). Unlike the World State, the Savage Reservation was known as revolting “on the prow of that stone ship in the centre of the strait, and seemingly a part of it, a shaped and geometrical outcrop of the naked rock, stood the pueblo of Malpais” (Huxley, pg. 103). Granted that John was not a permanent citizen of the World State, a large gap is created between Lincoln and John’s ways of thinking. While in Lincoln Six Echo’s case he is an Echo generation so he has only been alive for three years. In the underground it was “another day in paradise” (Owen, TI) everyday. Completely unaware of what laid outside the steel walls, only brainwashed to think every died outside of his district. In addition to John and Lincoln differences, each of the ending were different on a broad scale. To began with the only thing left of John was “through an archway on the further side of the room” (Huxley, pg. 230) lead to the bottom of a staircase that led up to the highest floor. The account of the last witnesses was “Just under the crown of the arch dangled a pair of feet” (Huxley, pg. 231). John had committed suicide to escape his misery in this hell. Alternatively, Lincoln returned to the facility and rescued all the other clones being held. This is a considerable large factor between Lincoln and John. Displaying to the audience of

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