Brave New World Analysis

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In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley uses tone to develop characters in the novel while simultaneously showing that every character is cast out at some point in their lives. This utopian future setting is developed throughout the whole first half of the novel.The entire culture is different, children are genetically bred and conditioned in so called Hatcheries. “ “Stability,” said the controller, “Stability. No civilization without social stability. No social stability without individual stability” (page 42) Each person supports a specific role in society, and if they break that role they are exiled. Readers get the chance to meet a few characters who question why they were even decanted or in John's case, Born. This novel begins by going back and forth between meeting characters and challenging the reader to understand the setting. Readers are introduced to a woman named Lenina who has only been seeing one man for many months, so she must venture out and experience the known epigrammatic expression “everyone belongs to everyone else” (multiple sources in the book) She decides to join a fellow alpha plus on his visit to a savage reservation. The gentleman's name was Bernard Marx, A troubled man who never really knew how to fit into the “civilized” world. When Bernard goes to get his paperwork signed; to leave for the reservation, readers find out that The Director had lost the women he traveled to New Mexico with many years before, and hasn't seen her since. FInally Huxley

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