A Brief Biography of Kanye West

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College Dropout was Kanye West's debut album and in my opinion was his best yet. The album cover features Kanye West in a bear costume sitting on some wooden bleachers surrounded by a rustic cherub ridden, floral boarder. This image stands out to me in a lot of good ways. I like the boarder a lot and I think baby angels are very cute and are meant to symbolize Kanyes' art school back round. Kanye says that the album cover is meant to say that people do not always have to follow what society thinks that they should. The drop out bear mascot he named himself and is supposed to iconize this rebellious album and attitude towards the world and its institutions. Kanye had a lot of help from Eric Duvauchelle who is now a design director at Nike. Kanye West was in a car accident in October of two-thousand and three. This very serious accident motivated him to become a world star rapper because at the time he was only a producer in Chicago but had worked on some very famous peoples records such as Jay-Z. I really like the cover because it is elegant, classy, and it says a lot about him bursting onto the rap scene in a not so typical manner.

Before he made a name for himself in the rap community, Kanye was in school at the American Academy of Art, where he had gotten a scholarship to study visual art. He dropped out when he realized that he would "never be one of the great visual artists of the world" and didn't want to end up working for an advertising agency. This idea was a good

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