A Brief Biography of Mary Pickford

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Mary Pickford was not all glamour and fame; she had a story, a great one at that too. Mary Pickford had many family and poverty problems as a young child, yet she remained to have a lot of ambition to act, all of which put a great impact on not only Canada but also the entire world. Mary Pickford, a woman of many struggles and success, one of her biggest struggles was her childhood. Pickford born Gladys Smith on April 8 1892 in Toronto Canada into an alcoholic family that struggled with many things, one is her father. John Charles Smith who was an alcoholic that couldn't support his family, he then later left his family and died an alcoholic in 1898 when Mary was only six years old. Mary Pickford didn't have much of a childhood because of poverty and her father's alcoholism, on top of all that, by the age of six she decided to begin to support her family by acting. The whole Smith family then began to get jobs to support each other financially, which didn't leave Mary or her siblings with much of a childhood. Though through all her struggles and work as a young child, Mary still managed to hold her strong ambition to act. Starting as a child actor at the age of six, Mary acted in many: vaudeville sketches, melodramas, and road show productions all over the states. Her family was very supportive of her path as well, even though at the time it was impossible to become an actor or…
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