A Brief Look at Home Insurance

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Not closed a tap, a gas leak or left the lighted boards. Crowd of forgetfulness can become a serious problem if we are talking about our house. Your home is your castle . A place to protect the world. 1. Am I required to have home insurance ? Not mandatory , but recommended . With housing, not passed as automobiles, for example, they do need insurance to circulate . Inhabiting a house not required to have an insurance policy covering the structure or the interior, but it is advisable to be covered at the prospect , and not have a problem at home, but you ocasionemos injury to our neighbor . For any event that we cause or suffer , we should bear the cost . February . Which type of insurance, at least , is recommended for a home? The most common is a multi-risk insurance or combined to protect the most common injuries that can potentially affect the property of the insured , both as regards the continent and content, and responsive to civil liability. Classical risks are usually covered and recommended fire , atmospheric phenomena , damage by water , glass breakage and theft. Other common toppings are urgent locksmith , home assistance , legal services , pet damage , etc. . 3 . What if I cause humidity to downstairs neighbor ? It is normal that the tap is left intentionally . What usually happens is that due to a work, the water cut and not knowing for sure if the tap has been closed or not . If it has been left open and the water becomes indeed a loss that can eventually
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