Health & Social Care Level 3 Unit 306

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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Key Legislation in Health and Social care settings

All of the above mentioned legislations are crucial part of health and safety. Every piece of legislation describes not only clear guidance of responsibilities but also how should we maintain health and safety to eliminate risks for the people using social care settings. It is very important for us to follow health and safety policies and procedures to eradicate risks from workplace and maintain safe working environment.
Care Standard Act 2000
Safe Handling of Medication
Manual Handling 1992 (amended 2002)
RIDDOR 1995 (amended 2008)
COSHH 2002
Health and Safety First Aid Reg 1981, 2009

Social Care Worker * Take care of their own health
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Making sure that the fire exits are kept clear and fire prevention equipment is kept maintained. Gas Leak – In the situation of a gas leak, try to isolate the source, open windows and contact the correct service provider. To prevent a gas leak, the gas should be maintained correctly by the correct trained professional. Floods – If you find a flood, try to isolate the source by turning off the ‘stop tap’, and remove and persons from the risk. To prevent such an occurrence the plumbing should be maintained by a trained professional. Intruding – In the case of an intruder, dial 999. To prevent this from happening ensuring doors and windows have locks, check visitors I.D on arrival, ask visitors to sign in to the building and sign out. Security breach – In the situation of keys missing or medication missing, ring manager or matron. To prevent this spare keys are kept in the office and the senior on shift has keys kept with them at all times. In an emergency.... It’s important to have a plan in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances because in many emergencies you need to be quick thinking and have the interest of everyone around you and keeping them safe. At least if there is a plan in place to deal with these then you’ll know what to do when it happens. Encourage those around you.... Point out dangers e.g remind a colleague to wipe up a spill.

Refer to procedures e.g "The fire procedure says we
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