A Brief Look at Imperial Religion

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Cicero expressed that the importance of religion is political; controlling the population, preventing Chaos, and promote loyalty to Rome (Encyclopedia of Britannica). The Imperial Cult sanctioned that all Emperors and relatives of the Emperors are Gods and Goddesses, had temples built to worship them (Rome Religion Gallery), and held the belief that if someone saves another persons life they must be treated as a God by the person (Encyclopedia). The honor of being seen as a God was known to be difficult to achieve if they are of low political and governmental standing To become a God by the view of the Imperial Cult, the subject often must give gifts to the empire that were seen to be worthy of Gods themselves. They must also hold a greater share of a divine element this element was the world’s soul and that they had a larger amount in their own human soul. Many Emperors though were granted divinity after death causing it to be difficult to attain while living since the Gods would only transform most after death.(Rome Religion Gallery) Being recognized as a God by the Imperial Cult would often mean; they would be worshiped by the mass of people, they could receive offerings, gain political power from their new political standing, gain support from both the organization itself and the multitude of followers, meaning that in battle they could have a larger army more supplies, they would receive certain rites, claim a divine linage by stating they were related to certain
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