A Brief Look at the Underground Railroad

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For 300 years captured slaves in the United States had no hope for freedom. In the 1800s everything changed when the Underground Railroad had gone into effect as the system kept on growing and there were more than 100,000 slaves escaped from the South and gained their freedom. The journey for a slave to gain freedom was difficult and dangerous under the circumstances in the nineteenth century. Not even slave owners were looking for fugitive slaves, governments also imposed laws to restricted the rights of fugitive slave, causing their escape as an illegal movement. Runaway slaves faced lots of struggles through their escape, they not only encountered the risk of capture from slave owners, they also faced dangers from wild animals. However, there were safe houses called stations, in which would provide safe shelters and food for the needed runaway slaves. With the help from conductors, stations, and the system of Underground Railroad, fugitive slaves had the opportunities to seek freedom of rights someday. The Underground Railroad had helped thousands of slaves escape slavery during the 1800s and it was with the help of "conductors" whom were past slaves that escaped slavery and went back to help other slaves escape slavery. Some notable people during that time were Harriet Tubman who helped over more than 300 slaves escape slavery and William Still who was the director of "General Vigilance Committee of Philadelphia" that would help "...assist Harriet Tubman's rescue

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