A Brief Note On Assisted Suicide And Suicide

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As the semester goes on I need to continually do progress reports to see how far I have grown as a writer. I also need to do progress reports so my manager can see where I am at for my white paper: The Right to Assisted Suicide. At the beginning of the semester I was asked to write a progress report of my writing thus far. During that memo I wrote three goals; to improve my grammar, to add more details to my essays, and fixing mistakes from past essays.

White Paper
So far I have found all of my sources for my white paper. I have been able to find about five websites for assisted suicide and I have found four websites against assisted suicide. I have talked to a few people about assisted suicide and I am waiting for an expert to call me …show more content…

Listland. Retrieved from This article lists ten reasons why assisted suicide should be legal. The article lists several excellent reasons why assisted suicide is good for those who are suffering from a long term disease.
During my first progress report I wrote that I needed to grow in grammar. The goal is still the same although I was asked to specify. The final test that I will use is to go back and do the grammar test that we had used previously. I hope to get a lot higher of a score then I did. The worksheets I have used have come from grammar websites where I was learning the rules. I said I would like to work on five different grammar sheets. Within this semester I have been improving in grammar. I got an app that quizzes me on grammar usage; I also have done a few worksheets, though I do think the app is better. I think I have stayed the same for the grammar category in my writing assignments. I do feel as if I understand the rules better but I do not think I have shown improvement.
Another goal I set for myself was putting more details in my essays. I was asked to define what I meant by descriptive point, I meant a point that explains what I mean exactly. For example, while talking about assisted suicide I do not just want to say people die, I want to explain why people die and how. I think I have gotten a lot better in this category, which is making my writing make

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