A Brief Note On Brush And Floss, That 's How It Goes !

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Brush and Floss, That’s How It Goes! 1.Dentistry was not something I wanted to be when I was young. It was actually this year that I changed my mind and decided it was something I really wanted to achieve. Dentists are hard working and very patient. It takes time and effort becoming one, it’s not just about being in an office. In order for someone to become a dentist, there are many requirements. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it! 2.Dentist’s are a great significance to the world. According to U.S News “Dentists identify and treat problems concerning a patient’s mouth, gum, and teeth” (Dentist Overview). You have to be extremely responsible and know what you’re doing. There are many different types of dentist, some choose to specialize…show more content…
Dentists are required to do many work. They go from gathering data for diagnosis, providing information about oral disease and prevention, screening and charting orals, monitoring individuals oral health, to removing decay teeth and filling cavities, examining x-rays of teeth and gums and repair cracked or fractured teeth. 6. According to “Dentists.", “All dental schools require applicants to have completed a certain science course, such as biology and chemistry, before entering dental school”(Bureau of Labor Statistics) they also need a bachelor’s degree in order to enter certain dental schools. There are many opportunities all around the world, many dentists may work in their own private dental office or even for a local health department. 7.They can work full time, some dentists even work on the weekends! 10/13.Some major satisfaction and financial rewards in becoming a dentist is getting payed well. Dentists are one of the most payed jobs in the United States. The more demand for better looking teeth and cleansing, causes the demand for dentists to grow. This causes more jobs to be opened, and more opportunities to those who are barely graduating from dental schools, “due to improved technology and consistent dental care, young people are experiencing fewer dental problems” (Is Dental School In Your Future). A recent college graduate would make a little less than the average dentist makes and a person with five years of
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