A Brief Note On Copyright And Patent Holders

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Copyright and patent holders represent all people who have copyrights and patents that could be manufactured with 3D printers. This group of stakeholders is concerned the customers will illegally replicate and sell their patented designs and commit intellectual property theft. Some if not all of their livelihood is dependent on the selling of these manufactured parts, but 3D printing poses a threat to harm their livelihood if their products are being illegally replicated and downloaded online (Doherty). This group of stakeholders is also wary about the public safety concerns if their designs for weapons are illegally replicated and how they will be charged for liability issues with their designs. They fear that an illegal printing of…show more content…
There must be something put into legislation to define the liability responsibilities involved with 3D printing. Section 5: Presenting Your Proposal To create an equitable and ethical means of managing the emerging technology of 3-D Printing, a public policy will be proposed that is developed from the stakeholder’s common ground of safety. It will be a four-prong policy will create a government digital database, will require plastics to be detectable by metal, regulate the use and research of bioprinters, and redefine the liability laws that currently do not encompass 3D printed objects. All designs that are shared on the internet must use the government-monitored database. This database will be free to use and upload designs. Both hobbyists and corporations can upload and sell designs. If the government finds a design that it permits dangerous, it may remove the design from the database. The government can also remove any design that it feels is infringing on copyright laws. Any additional website commercial or private that has CAD downloads are prohibited and will be shutdown. The 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act prohibits the manufacture or possession of firearms that are not detectable by the common types of x-ray machines; however, there is concern that this law will not be followed and something should be
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