A Brief Note On Eu Policymakers And Its Impact On The European Union

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EU Policymakers have started shifting their focus in recent years to the main cost drivers in healthcare, which are inpatient hospital services and chronic disease management. The birth of private sector health care companies are being welcomed due to lower overall costs. Comparative data also shows that a monopoly of public health insurance, like the ‘Gebietskrankenkassen’, the regional health insurance in Austria, with its excessive bureaucracy, is much more costly and rigid than privately managed health insurance schemes. (Duering, 2015) Formalized cost savings health care organization proposed could increase the wanted private uniformity desired in the European Union. The current Health care platforms internationally are not sufficient or sustainable with the current compatible data. Change in health care is inevitable, and the right business models can be used internationally with high profit margins. Investing in health care is one of the less risky investments as it will always be there, with great room for growth. New market entrants will expand with the ongoing healthcare reforms. Almost a quarter of GDP in the European Union is spent on health care, demonstrating that the current funding is present. Greatest thing about this organization is the versatility of global expansion worldwide because of similar population needs. Home healthcare is becoming the next big solution to the aging population that will require more care. Approximately 12 million

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