A Brief Note On Genetic Engineering And Medical Fields

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Throughout history several people have felt a desire to change something about themselves. It could have been a gene a person carried that could cause illnesses. A person might have had a need for a new, healthy organ to save their lie or maybe someone wanted to go all the way to the beginning and change every aspect of himself. Fast forwarded through time to current day and now all of this is possible with the help from genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is a historical advance in the science and medical fields that will aid in the cure of diseases and illnesses in humans, transplant of healthy animal organs to humans, and the creation of the perfect baby for every family. A typical American family’s life is busy today; there are…show more content…
This could mean that people will not get sick around that time of the year or even getting sick from having too much stress. CRISPR-cas9 is a new technology that allows a nuclease to be deleted or added (Editing humanity, 11). CRISPR-cas9 is responsible for the alterations of the genes of a person. CRISPR is an antiviral mechanism that acts as a pair of scissors (Even CRISPR, 83). CRISPR ultimately allows scientists to access a person’s gene to pick and choose the genes a person must have and the genes scientists want to cut out because they are causing a problem to the person. This technology assists in gene therapy because it has the ability to change the DNA of a person. Many people arounf the globe will be helped from this technology because of the wide range of illnesses and diseases it can treat. CRISPR can treat things ranging from Alzheimer’s to cancer to HIV (Editing humanity, 11). With the aid of CRISPR-cas9 and genetic engineering there will no longer be so many deaths from things such as, cancer and other disease. People will end up having better immune systems and possibly live longer thanks to the technological advance in science and medicine. Another great attribute of this technology is once scientists fix the current problems of humans today they will be locked into the germ line and passed down to future generations (The future of...biology, 41). This means a certain disease or illness that affects the human race will be permanently erased for
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