A Brief Note On Grupo Industrial Bimbo ( Bimbo )

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Executive Summary Grupo Industrial Bimbo (Bimbo) has been successful as a baking company for the past several years. With their focus on remaining positioned as just a “baking company,” they have acquired and partnered with several different companies to defragment the industry and expand their product lines and capabilities. This paper will explore the current successful strategies that Bimbo is utilizing, the threats that Bimbo is facing, and finally give some recommendations on moving forward as a company. Bimbo has been successful over the past several years due to three main strategic elements: analyzing the external environment, utilizing their best resources, and vertically integrating parts of their supply chain. They have analyzed their external environment through overcoming barriers to entry, utilized their best resources by engaging their human capital and reinvesting in their factories to produce at a higher quality, and vertically integrated the flour mill into their factories to ensure quality control and the protection of proprietary information. Grupo Industrial Bimbo is also facing threats all around. These threats include changing consumption habits, the switch from mom-and-pop stores to large supermarkets, and the competitors in the baking and snacks industry. The consumption habits are a threat because consumers are switching from largely processed, pre-packaged food to healthier, fresher options. The switch from mom-and-pop stores to supermarkets

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