A Brief Note On Higher Education Admission Process Essay

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Do you think there are racial and socioeconomic inequalities in higher education admission process? Well, that’s what we will be reviewing. Higher education is very important in our growing society. That is why this topic is very important and everyone should care. Education helps build skills and endorses individuals to move up the social ladder. In order to create a more productive society we need to have more educated individuals to lead on professions. Such professions as a well-educated heart surgeon, when you might be in need of a transplant and etc. Many individuals strive hard to continue their education but fall short due to not having enough money, or even due to being a minority and discriminated against for certain opportunities, such as an equal public education as the heart surgeon had. There are many advantages and disadvantages for a Black student compared to a Caucasian and trying to apply into college and coming from a low economic status.

A student from the lower class can’t afford to get a tutor or materials needed to help support their learning. As we all know when you are in high school you need to prepare yourself for the SAT’s and that can be a disadvantage for those not having the family support or financial aspect to help further their ability in achieving a good score to enter a good college or any college for that matter. Then it is also knowing the opportunities that are there to help you. In many lower class neighborhoods, the schools lack

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