Antonia Darder : Culture And Power In The Classroom

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Summary of readings In the reading, Culture and Power in the Classroom: A Critical Foundation for Bicultural Education, Antonia Darder argues that education is a critical tool and necessity for the advancement of people of color. She highlights that education is tied to status, which in turn, then gives you power in society. She helps us see many of the flaws in the school system that prevents students of color from excelling in the academic world. She points to us, that although there are many things within the school institution itself that fail students of color over and over again, the blame is always placed on the individual. She also highlights that there are many myths about students of color that say that their failure is tied to coming from cultures and backgrounds that do not value education. Finally, Darder argues that conservative educators hurt bicultural student’s education, and liberal educators, although may seem the better option, still fail to attack the institutions that help foster failure in the education setting. They also end up alluding to student failure to individual failure.
Significance of readings This reading is significant because it shows us the dire need to rethink, revolutionize, and create changes that will give students a color an opportunity to progress to higher education. We know that the only way that poor people of color will find some sort of social remobility is through higher education, but they cannot achieve that if things

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