A Brief Note On International Staffing Cultural Differences

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International Staffing-Cultural Differences.
This research paper is based on the cultural barriers which hinders employee performance to a great extent. Staffing is one of the biggest issue one faces in the global market. Companies today strive to diversify their workforce as much as possible by hiring employees from various backgrounds. There are three main staffing strategies a company can implement when entering an overseas market, with each having its advantages and disadvantages. The first strategy is a home-country national strategy. This staffing strategy uses employees from the home country to live and work in the country. These individuals are called expatriates. The second staffing strategy is a host-country national strategy, which means to employ people who were born in the country in which the business is operating. Finally, a third-country national strategy means to employee people from an entirely different country from the home country and host country.
Cultural barriers can also be an issue with staffing within when organizations recruit employees from various cultural backgrounds. For instance Asian employee finds it difficult to work with the westernized culture. This includes the language, the way of managing things and lot more which may cause a type of frustration which demotivates the employee.
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