A Brief Note On ' Labor And Leisure '

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Katy Miller
Labour and Leisure essay two

Women and Labour: The changing roles in our working society through a lens.

It 's hard to believe in this day and age with so many opportunities for woman to become successful in a carer and contribute to the working society that before the First World War only ninety years ago marriage meant the end of that chance for so many young people.
By looking at both short films and film depictions, I want to show the journey of how the Labour industry has changed from being a majority lead male dominated working environment with the social status for woman changing from those who are either unmarried or in poor lower-class families in domestic feminine held jobs, to those of married woman, in a well-to-do family made to give up chances of education and carer for themselves, married off to become leisurely ladies of the house and made to stay home with the children while there husband became the sole earner.

Regardless of her social status, most woman surrendered her rights from the day she married but if on the off chance she was able to work in one of these domestic arenas such as the textile and clothing industry the jobs would have been of little satisfaction and that of a low wage. This was to be true of a time in Victorian England, but in 1895 French director Louis Lumiẻre created a short black and white silent documentary that showed a single screen of French workers in Lyon leaving the Lumiẻre factory called "Workers…
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