A Brief Note On Privacy And Security Threats

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Satyam Rohit
School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering
Arizona State University srohit@asu.edu Privacy & Security Threats in Social Networks and Available Solutions: A Survey
Abstract— As the importance and usage of social networks is rising faster these days, obviously the concerns regarding the privacy and security is also growing faster. Thus, we have investigated various privacy and security related threats in social networks. We have also surveyed various available solutions, which are being explored or being implemented in order to avoid the privacy and security threats in social networks these days. In addition to that we have also summarized the strength and weakness of each approach as per our understanding and the results of this survey. In this survey, we have included anonymization techniques, k-degree anonymous methods, social engineering, link/attribute/identity disclosure, graph perturbation/ randomization techniques, Patronus model, Social clique detecting algorithm, PROTOSS model etc.
Keywords— Social Engineering, Differential Privacy, K-Degree Anonymity, Random Perturbation, Neighborhood Randomization, Sub-graph Perturbation, Social link Disclosure-Based Attack, Alpha-proximity, Patronus model, Social Clique, Privacy Aware OSN Architecture.
These days many people use Online Social Networks (OSN) to share their thoughts, pictures, videos etc. Obviously, there are various kinds of privacy and security threats attached to…
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