Privacy Issues in Social Media Essay

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Privacy Issues in Social Media Social Media is a current way in which people are using to interact with one another daily. Since the launch of various Social Networking Sites (SNS) its been a huge attraction in a new way to share information with others and correspond with interests of your choice in many different forms. Although social media sites allow users to share information with friends and other sites on the internet, many people are unaware of how their privacy is getting out. Now that the expansion of global connection through these social media networking sites are so highly present in todays society, giving us easy access to information, the lack of one's privacy is being diminished. Everyday peoples privacy rights are …show more content…

In the beginning of 2004 is when social media users see Piczo, Flickr, Mixi and Facebook only in Harvard college introduced. Piczo and Flickr revolved around mainly pictures being shared and Mixi was one of Japans top social media sites. At this time, Facebook was only allowed to be used in the Harvard College where it was designed by Mark Zuckerberg. It was not until 2005 when Facebook launched a site for high school students as well. This is where the profits of advertising set in for the social media network and the way we share things online transformed and expanded drastically. In addition,during 2005, is when Youtube took off and started storing and retrieving videos for the public. Twitter was then launched in 2006 as a social networking site that let members send and receive messages called tweets. By experience with using Twitter you can only send 140 words/ characters to one another and they can be seen by anyone unless you set your controls to be a private account. However, if you add a hashtag to one of your tweets it can be seen by anyone that searches that hashtag and is related to one anothers tweets regardless of your privacy settings. . In Friends Without Borders by Dan Fletcher he argues that Facebook is using its capabilities to get users to share more information that may be critical to their success but not yours. Facebook

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