A Brief Note On Race, And Gender Discrimination

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Discrimination will be the main focus on the research for this paper. The two types of discrimination which I will be focusing on is race, and gender. Gender discrimination is very high in the workforce. I will be primarily focusing on gender discrimination against women in the workforce. Women had to fight for the right to vote. Although they have the right to work they have many hardships in the workforce. Gender discrimination happens in various different occasions, and is developed through a child 's parents. Usually when children are biased and make racist remarks, it was developed from things that their parents have taught them. Any type discrimination starts at home usually. Stereotypes and other beliefs can be learned at school, which would be called institutional racism. These are two types of discrimination which I have experienced a lot throughout my life. I support the research which I have done. I support it because I can agree on many different examples, which I have personally experienced myself. Women are discriminated against in the workforce on a daily basis. It is extremely hard for a women to move up in positions at work, especially compared to a man. This is one of the many reasons women have a hard time attaining a high income. Women are also often put to work at places that had little respect, but when they are given jobs that are worthy of a lot of respect they still do not get it. I have personally experienced this myself. I work

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