A Brief Note On Rape On College Campuses

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Tiffany Rodriguez
Professor Hall-Lee
Contemporary Social Problems
8 February 2017
Reaction Paper #1 - Rape on College Campuses In the past year, cases of sexual assault and debate over the definition of consent has been a major topic of discussion in the media. A large amount of these situations are occurring in colleges across the country. Courthouses and the public do not know how to resolve this epidemic or even how to fairly punish those who are guilty of this assault. Even our current president, Donald Trump, has been in the media making derogatory remarks about women and has been accused of rape. Although it is an underreported crime, rape on college campuses have slowly come more and more into the spotlight.
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The other piece of what makes a problem a social issue is the subjective concerns around it. Subjective concerns are “the concern that a significant amount of people (or a number of significant people) have about the objective condition” (Henslin 5). Rape on college campuses has this element because many people are concerned about this problem of boundaries being crossed and so many young adults being sexually violated. In this past year, many people in the media and in their communities have voiced their concerns and have been outraged by the numerous cases that have arisen and the light punishments on some of the attackers. An example of this is the Brock Turner case that made major news. Brock Turner had raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a college fraternity party in January 2015 (Levin). He was eventually charged with assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person, penetration of an intoxicated person, and penetration of an unconscious person (Grinberg & Shoichet). After trials and hearings, he was proven guilty but received a six month jail sentence rather than the six year sentence that some law officials deemed would have been more suitable for his crime. As the public found out about this, people across the country were voicing their anger towards the lack of justice that they believed this victim received and

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