A Brief Note On The First Time Or Recreational Paddler

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For the first time or recreational paddler there is perhaps nothing scarier than having your canoe or kayak capsize. Sometimes it is caused by the incautious tilting their boat a little further than it is meant to go, but very often it is caused be a force beyond your control. Waves or wake caused by wind, swell, or boats very often lead to a capsized boat and possibly a paddler in distress. There are a few techniques to help prevent this so you can enjoy your day on the water. Boat position or "angle" is a very important factor in whether you will be knocked over or the wake will roll passed you. When a wake is approaching you or you are entering a set of waves the appropriate position for you boat is to be perpendicular with the them, …show more content…

In a canoe you have the ability to lower your center of gravity by dropping from your seat and kneeling on the floor. These techniques will help your paddling abilities and give you an enjoyable experience on the water rather than a terrifying one. It is also important to plan ahead and be cautious of where you travel to avoid large waves and wake all together. Make sure to get a weather report. As a novice paddler it is also important to avoid heavily trafficked boat channels. On windy days paddle in sheltered coves and creeks, and always where a life jacket.
It 's amazing to think that what started as a functional and vital form of transportation, is today one of the world 's most popular water sports and an Olympic activity. But that 's exactly how canoeing and kayaking has evolved. Ms that a canoe in your pocket or are you simply pleased to see me? ' 'No, it 's a kayak... '. Many people are confused by the difference between a canoe and kayak. In simple terms, a kayak has a closed deck (apart from the hole you sit in) and is powered using a double-bladed paddle. A canoe, on the other hand, is an open boat in which you can either stand up or kneel, and is powered using a single-bladed paddle. Many people use the term 'canoeing ' to describe the general sport, not to define what type of boat is used, so that 's what we 'll do here. Canoeing 's popularity is probably due to the huge range of activities available within the sport. It caters for

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