Biomechanics of Surfing Essay

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How do biomechanical understandings influence the learning of and performance in surfing?
The problem with my surfing is my paddling technique.

Understanding the fundamental relationships in mechanics, helps form a foundation for the analysis of human movement in surfing. The main principle or law of motion I am going to look into is Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction. This law of motion is mainly applied when paddling. It helps me understand how the application of force to my arm and hand determines the speed and movement of my surfboard and this allows such movement to become more efficient.
The most important skill in surfing is learning the correct paddling technique. A good paddler catches plenty of waves while poor
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The angle of entry of the hand is important in improving drag force and propulsion. This is because the hand controls entry into the water and flow of water over the hand. Drag propulsion can be used effectively to improve my paddling technique, by making my strokes longer and larger, similar to the “S” stroke. Instead of them being short and wide, causing little propulsion because of this propulsion principle.

Lift force:
Definition: Lift force is due to the development of high pressure under the hand and low pressure above it when the hand is pitched to the water at 40° (Amezdroz, et al,. 2010).
“In surfing, water streams past the hand and can cause what’s called lift force. Lift force can only be created when I my hand is a curved surfaces designed, which gives the best ratio of lift to drag. When the water passes over the hand onto a longer surface area, the water is forced or propelled at a greater speed than it would when travelling under the hand, similar to my wider paddling technique. The lift force is in the opposite direction of the force, this gives a surfer greater traction against the water, to catch a wave (Amezdroz, et al,. 2010).”
To achieve best lift force, the hand should be angled at 40° to the water. The lift force will be evenly and

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