A Brief Note On The Health Care Advancement

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For my top three health care advance I picked motor-vehicle safety, safer and healthier foods and recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard. The bottom two health care advancement was a bit harder to pick from; however, I was able to pick the two I felt least held importance in the matter of health advancements. Those were fluoridation of drinking water and safer workplace.
I had a hard time choosing between motor-vehicle safety and safer workplace, but after a discussion with my father he was able help me see that both play an important role in community health. However, there are circumstances that may allow one to place higher on the health achievement list. One would be where people worked would greatly matter to what type of safety regulations are needed; whereas motor-vehicle safety is something most of us come into contact on a daily basis. I for one know how important motor-vehicle safety can be, considering I have been in two car accidents since I started college in 2013. If it was not for the safety improvements made over the years, such as seat belts, airbags, and bumper that absorb the energy created by an accident I could have been more seriously injured. Even rules and regulations on the roads, play an important role in motor-vehicle safety. Without the constant updating vehicles safety requirements more people would be injured. Along with new laws being passed every year in regards to motor-vehicles.
Over the last decade people have been getting more

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