The Future And Direction Of Health Care

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The future and direction of health care has been the topic of discussion amongst politician and U.S citizens today. There are several challenges surrounding the future and strategic direction in which health care should be heading. Accreditation, quality of health care and organization’s compliance; access to health care, maintaining a skilled workforce, information technology and pay for performance are some of the challenges that currently presenting itself in healthcare today. If health care is not dealt with appropriately it will have a significant effect an impact on the strategic direction in the future and direction of care. The affordable Care Act implemented in March of 2010 by president Obama reform the way health care was previously run in the United States. The law went into effect, which allowed many Americans who did not currently have insurance and health care coverage to the ability to purchase coverage and access to health care. “ According to the CDC “ the affordable care act of 2010 is designed to provide access to coverage for previously uninsured Americans “ Center of Disease Control (2014). The implementation of the health care reform law has yielded the largest reduction in the aim for uninsured for the last couple of decades. But, while the uninsured rates have decline access to care has now become a prevalent issue. “ The expansion of coverage is not an expansion of actual care and this distinction is becoming very clear’ Heritage ( 2014) Access to

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