Grey's Anatomy: Proving The Nursing Profession

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Image of Nursing The image of nursing is portrayed in several ways with all different types of media. One of the longest-running and most popular medical drama television shows, Grey’s Anatomy, appears to offer an accurate interpretation of the profession of nursing. However, the fictional show, created by Shonda Rimes, actually degrades nursing along unrealistic practices and representations. The show gives an impression to the viewers that doctors do it all, the physicians control nurses, and the word nurse is an insult. This portrayal is not accurate and is extremely damaging to the nursing community. In Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors and physicians tend to perform tasks that are generally performed by the nurses. These include distributing medications, drawing blood, and transporting and monitoring patients. Also, the doctors in the show do all the interacting with the patients, while the nurses rarely interact with them. The show hardly shows nurses working with the patients in any steps of their care. There are some instances within the show where the nurses will try to go in to comfort the patient, as their profession suggests, and they are simply pushed aside by the doctors who take over the job. The physicians overshadow the nursing profession in any attempts to convey important messages to viewers about how great the physicians in the show are. The physicians on the show perform the critical tasks normally performed by the nurses, making them look more heroic and

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