A Brief Note On The State Of Bureaucracy

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1. A Bureaucracy is an administrating group of management within the government or large institution that is comprised of a group of people with varying levels of authority. Bureaucracies are typically organized in hierarchical authority, with the manager/president of the bureaucracy at the top of the pyramid and appointed workers at the bottom. Bureaucracies are appointed to managing a certain issue, a specified department, corporation, etc. In addition, a bureaucracy follows a fixed set of rules and procedures to administer and implement in their specified department, institution, organization, etc. Bureaucracy is often used in a negative context, generally referring to too much hierarchy. As a result of too much hierarchy, decisions can be slow or management can become unorganized and non-efficient, resulting in little success and efficiency. 2. Example 1: Same-sex marriage On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states of the United States. However, the fundamental and legal right for same-sex couples to marry was not easily declared constitutional. The United States’ government serves as an example of a bureaucracy as varying levels of authority in the government all voted on same-sex marriage. A significant amount of legal work and time was spent to legalize same-sex marriage. By way of illustration, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee all

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