A Brief Note On The Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Post- traumatic stress disorder often get looked over by doctors and people go untreated. With passing time the fear might go away, but what happen when the constant fear take over. That was the case for a student in a psychology class I was taking. The instructor was going over anxiety and a young man told the class about how when he was in the army. The car he and some of the other soldiers was driving, they were doing the daily drive they accidentally drove over a bomb that explode the front of the car. The explosion all most took off his leg, he had to have about two surgeries, and go through physical therapy to learn to walk again. Know that he was discharged from the army for about two years, he still cannot drive over a bump, whole, a patch in the road, and fell overwhelm when driving. He took longer routes that he feel are safe and that have little to no flaws in the road. All this time he went without any kind of treatments or testing to see if he even have post- traumatic stress disorder. He did not even think that he might even have post- traumatic stress disorder. I feel like American society do not offer enough support to people suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder in the family is not ready, lack of treatments, and lack of information about how to find a cure for post-traumatic disorder or how it occurs. First of all post- traumatic stress disorder affect more than just a shoulder that been to war or been through a traumatic event. A

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