A Brief Note On The United States Of Nepal

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I was evicted from Bhutan in early 1990 with my parents when the ethnic war intensified between the Bhutanese government and Lhotsampas (folks who lived in the southern part of Bhutan). Therefore, I ended up emigrating to the eastern part of Nepal as a refugee. I started my education in a refugee camp when I was six years old and graduated from high school at the age of eighteen. Since then I have learned the value of education in the competitive job markets. After spending almost two decades of a chaotic life in a refugee camp, I immigrated to the United States of America as a part of a resettlement program offered by the United States government with the hope of a bright future, freedom and opportunity. When I first came to the U.S, there were many barriers and challenges that I had to deal with. For instance, learning English, driving a car grocery shopping and so forth. During this transition, I was always blessed to receive an encouragement, love, and support of my parents who have always been there to direct me on the right track. I was fortunate to attend high school and learned English here in the U.S. I always had a dream of being a doctor, engineer and lawyer, but never consider a career as a medical social worker until I heard from Center for Disease Control (CDC) that the rate of suicide rate among Bhutanese Refugee is alarming. For the first couple of months, refugees have new experience seeing the doctors. And all their medical expenses are covered through
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