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IGN (In Game Name): CrazyUberDriver

Age: 16, Birthday March 31

Timezone: Central Timezone

Country: United States of America

Do you have a good quality mic?: I have a decently good microphone. I have Turtle beach x12 's.

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: I have Teamspeak and am whiling to download anything else needed or requested.

How many hours can you put in the server per week: I can put in approximately 18 hours a week depending on the week.

Any previous punishments on Faithful?: I have only been muted on Faithful and never banned or temp banned for anything.

Any past experiences in being a staff member: Yes I have had a little bit of past experience as being a staff member. My biggest time being a staff member was I was an …show more content…

Helping players is something I have done ever since I joined and started to learn the community and the rules. Last map is what really got me when I would see someone ask something in chat and I would answer if possible but could never actually fix their problem if it was an in-game situation. I had to refer them to the Teamspeak and tell them to go in the support room and wait. At my school we have a special ed program where there are 6 kids ranging from the ages of 14-21. They each has special disabilities and are always needing help. I am one of 3 guys in the class and then there are 12 girls. I enjoy helping and supporting people in anyway possible if that is opening the door or just giving them a boost so they can accomplish it themselves. The point is I want to help players in a much greater way. I want to solve their problems asap and want to answer every question with confidence to make their day the best. Finally, I want to help Faithful. I want to clean the servers of people who ruin the game for others whether that is a hacker or someone who threatens another. No one should use hacks to get a boost in the game unless everyone has the boost. Players should harass or threaten others because in the end, we are all human and we all play on the same server, Faithful.

Why should we accept you as staff?: I feel that the FaithfulHCF staff team should accept me as a helper because I am a very hard worker, I accomplish my task and duties on

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