A Brief Note On The Urban Heat Island

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An urban heat island is described as metropolitan area or a city that is particularly hotter than the rural areas that surrounding it because of the activities of the human. The difference in the temperature always higher during the night than at the day, and generally when winds are not strong. Urban heat island is generally apparent during the winter and summer. The modification of land surfaces is the main reason for the urban heat island effect. The second contributor is the losing of heat created by the usage of the energy. The growth of the population center tends to extend its area and boost its temperature average. The low utilize term heat island assigns to any area, whatever it is populated or not, in such a way it is systematically warmer than the surrounding area. Monthly fall of rain is major cities downwind, because of the urban heat island. The excess in the temperature within the centers of the urban increases the growing seasons length, and reduces the happening of weak tornadoes. The urban heat island reduces the quality of the air by increasing the pollutants production such as ozone, and reduces the quality of the water as hotter waters influx into streams area and place stress on their ecosystems. Urbanization impacts the environment in such a negative way, generally by the modification of the chemical and the physical properties of the atmosphere, the covering of the soil surface, and production of pollution. Not all of the cities…
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