A Brief Note On Virginia And Dorothea Orem Essay

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My nursing philosophy is for every patient to be as independent as they were before they came to me or at least to where they can function closely to what they were doing before. I like teaching patients independence because if the patient does not remain active or able to bathe themselves or feed themselves, the muscles lose memory and becomes more and more difficult for the patient to care for themselves. My philosophy is closely related to Virginia Henderson and Dorothea Orem because they promote self-care and patient independence. The most important roles for providing care are person, environment, nursing, and health. I define person as someone who is seeking care or family seeking care of a health care provider. Environment affects the person by determining how they will recover, what they do on a daily basis, and how the past, present, and future have and will affect their health. Their environment includes their family and friends because they will most likely be influenced by the opinions of family or friends. The nurse is the one working with the person to determine the best way to provide care based on the person and their environment. The nurse is a support for the patient to become independent as they grow healthier. Health ties everything together; it is determined by the person and their environment and how the nurse will improve it. Health should be the goal for everyone in the care team and the family and friends of the patient to encourage independence. My

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