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I believe that nursing is both and art and a science consisting of psychosocial and biological sciences that work together to continually improve the health care field. I believe that with the knowledge and clinical experience from the TVCC ADN program I will be able to provide the best care possible to the people in the community. As a nurse it is important to carry the attributes of being caring, compassionate, understanding, non judgmental, realistic, open-minded, honest, ethical, and moral. I also feel that it is important to maintain sensitivity to all cultures when providing care.
I believe that nursing care starts at the client’s birth and continues throughout their life span. I believe t continued care includes heath promotion,
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As a nurse I will use my knowledge of critical thinking skills with in the nursing process: assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Furthermore as a member of the nursing profession, I will assume accountability and responsibility for the quality of nursing care that I provide to clients, act as an advocate to promote quality health care for all clients, and take part in activities that promote the development and practice of professional nursing.
I believe that heath is based on emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. I believe that it is the absence of illness and abnormal conditions. I believe health constantly changes across one’s life span. I believe that it is important for a nurse to ensure that the relationship is not only with the client but with their families, friends, other health care providers and caregivers. It is the nurse’s responsibility to provide individualized care for each client. A nurse should educate them and their family to ensure health promotion and health maintenance
I believe that as a nurse we are to serve our community by providing education of preventative health care, information about community agencies and health care resources. I believe that as a health care professional I should participate in local health screenings

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